Artist Feature: Cassie B Project

Artist Feature: Cassie B Project

In this artist feature we are showcasing a very unique Southern California act: The Cassie B Project. Cassie B spent most of her childhood in musical theater, which taught her the importance of becoming a well-rounded performer. Cassie B has performed in roles such as Beth in Little Women and the Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The Cassie B Project performances are known for their energetic and engaging experience and it’s their goal as a band to bring happiness and fun to everyone’s heart! Cassie B believes she has been given this gift of singing and performing to pass on a message of happiness and positivity; to let go and be gracious with the beautiful time we have on this earth. There are many bands to this unique project and each of them cater to specific types of events:

The Cassie B Project: This 5-piece band is your one stop shop for the BEST PARTY EVER! All the musicians are expert performers with a passion for music. Cassie B is your guide to good times and memories made on the dance floor. With unmatched lead vocals accompanied by an experienced band that charts a course through your favorite top 40 hits, you can’t go wrong with the Cassie B Project! Cassie B Project will take you on a journey you’ll never forget. So, put on your dancing shoes, and let’s get the party started!

  • Cassie B and the Murphy Brothers: This trio is perfect for any occasion or special event. Whether you’re looking for chill ambiance music, or something you and your friends can sing along to, we’ve got you covered, playing your favorite top 40 hits with a relaxed acoustic feel.
  • Forkroot: Forkroot is a high energy “roots-folk” trio that provides a unique blend of guitar, mandolin, accordion and upright bass. This group will get the party started and keep it going!
  • Boomtown Stingers: BoomTown Stingers is a San Diego based band that specializes good vibes and great music with a focus on Soul, Funk, and Rock.
  • Rouge: Rouge is a female singing troupe working together to perform popular songs. Their perfect harmonies, sexy moves, and fun characters provide a show that’s sure to be both entertaining and HOT. They are definitely a special group you won’t be able to find anywhere else!
  • Vaudeville Radio: This jazzy group will transport you back in time to a 1920’s music lounge. We love to play classics, but our signature pleasure is retooling some of today’s most popular songs with an old-time spin. Perfect for cocktail hour, dinner music, or special events
  • JB and the Movers: This band brings their soulfully rocking original tunes as well as some tasty funky covers to Southern California and beyond. Never a dull moment with JB and the Movers.
  • Cassie B’s 90’s Remix: Cassie B’s 90s remix is a new live band experience! Remember your teenage angst, heartbreak, and party anthems and amazing 90s Fashion? Ya we do too… It will be a musical ride through pop, rock, grunge, hip hop, and everything in between, in one killer mash up! Be ready to sing your heart out to your favorite 90s jams, and relive the music that got you through that 90s Fashion!
  • The Millennial Falcons Band: Space out on all of your favorite top 40’s music while paying tribute to one of the best movie series of all time! The Millennial Falcons want to bring the Space Age to life and up to speed with you!

For more information about the Cassie B Project be sure to leave us an inquiry and one of our agents can help you determine which act is best suited for your event!