Artform testimonials

Artform was great! Thank you for all your help.”

Samantha V., Bride
July 2018

“Everything was great! Super mellow event but the music [Artform] was great.”

Madison Q., Del Mar Country Club
June 2018

Artform was awesome – showed up early, great attitude, super helpful and went above and beyond to make sure the event ran smoothly (it was kind of a tough one!). Can’t say enough good things about him!”

Allie S., Wedding Coordinator
March 2018

Artform went over and above all expectations and requirements. Great experience and very professional but also very fun. Would highly recommend to anyone. Made the weekend very memorable.”

Mac O., Groom
March 2018

“Went over and above all expectations and requirements. Great experience and very professional but also very fun. Would highly recommend to anyone. Artform made the weekend very memorable.”

Paige M., Bride
March 2018

“Awesome people, music was perfect and no complaints. This will continue to be our go to company when it comes to entertainment. Thank you [DJ Artform] for making my birthday party a hit!”

Neily M., Private Event
January 2018

“DJ Artform form was absolutely amazing! He kept our event running smoothly and had everyone out on the dance floor. So many of our guests called the next day to say what a great time they had!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

Lynn T., Bride
October 2017

Artform was fantastic! The ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all had perfect music and he guided the night along seamlessly. Everyone had a great time dancing until the very last song. We are extremely grateful to him and very happy we picked him!”

Brittany L., Bride
September 2017

Artform was awesome!!!”

Steve L., Anthem
September 2017

“Our experience with Artform far exceeded our expectations. He was communicative ahead of time, he worked with us to meticulously plan things, he paid attention to detail, he never once lost track of what was going on, nor hesitated on a name or introduction or announcement. In addition, he kept aware of the energy and ran the party with care and consideration to all that was going on.

Honestly, we could not have wanted a thing more (or less) that what DJ Artform and your company put into our wedding. He was perfect.”

David R., Groom
August 2017

Artform took the information that we gave him and provided a wedding experience that my wife and I couldn’t be more thankful for. It was truly wonderful experience, and we know now how important it was to have a professional on the crew for our DJ services. He was adaptable to changes that arose during the ceremony and reception, and he did an excellent job of getting the party going. Our friends and family are still giving us positive feedback about the wedding and in particular the music. Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding!”

Brian G., Groom
August 2017

“Awesome! Thank you so much. We had the perfect dj for our perfect wedding. Super friendly, professional, and a  good listener. Artform you rock! Thanks!”

Alex T., Bride
August 2017

“We got married a few days ago and worked with Artform. He is fun and professional and cares about his clients. His choice of music and charisma made our wedding perfect. Our guest had fun and we’re super happy. Highly recommended! Thanks Artform! You rock!”

Christine T., Bride
August 2017

Glad that everything went well and you enjoyed DJ Artform! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of this special day. We wish you the best!”

Marylou H., Bride
June 2017

“SGM was very helpful on finding a DJ that fit not only our budget but also our style (Latin Music). We had DJ Artform for our wedding and he was fun, professional and helpful in a lot of services requested by the bride. All the SGM staff were always making suggestions, responding emails on time and processing requests. They were friendly and provided the services needed. Our guest had a great time with all the music and the fact that our DJ spoke English and Spanish that was great! Thank you!”

Mariangela M., Bride
June 2017

Artform was an absolute pleasure to work with! He made himself very available for any questions, comments, and concerns. He was very personable to work with which made the experience so easy and calming! At the wedding, he played all the right music and had all our guest out on the dance floor all night long! Will definitely be recommending him to friends and family!”

Noelani L., Bride
May 2017