Joe Cardillo testimonials

“Everything was PERFECT!!!! Joe [Joe Cardillo] was amazing.”

Sarah L., Private Event
June 2018

Joe Cardillo always does great and holds a crowd.  Would love to have him on a regular basis.”

Jeff K., Ginger’s
April 2016

“Lots of compliments for Joe Cardillo tonight. Very good set. Crowd just kept growing!”

Aron L., Barleymash
September 2015

Joe Cardillo absolutely CRUSHED it. Guests were up and dancing the whole event :)”

Lizzie B., Ginger’s
May 2015

Joe Cardillo was phenomenal tonight. He had a really nice light set up and even had his own music for when he was on break…Overall i would say this gentleman did a great job and our guests enjoyed him. He fit well here.”

Cafe 21
January 2015