Who testimonials

“Thanks for helping us get this booked so last minute! DJ Who did a great job.”

Sarina M., The Observatory
July 2019

“It all went great! Your talent are all great to work with. Everyone was professional and low maintenance for us!” [Who, Ben Silver]

Brian M., PRA Events
July 2019

“Great job by DJ Who on a busy Saturday. We love having him at Barleymash.”

Aron L., Barleymash
April 2019

“Great set by DJ Who.”

Aron L., Barleymash
December 2018

“Exceptional as always [Who]! Big Thanks!”

John P., Park & Rec
May 2017

Who played on a really slow night….the day after Thanksgiving/Black Friday. It was really slow, but he kept up the energy of the crowd that was in the room. I really appreciate that because most DJs get bored and lose focus. He was awesome!! Thank you”

Yami B., OB Warehouse
December 2014