People are always looking for ways to cut costs when it comes to their event, which brings up the question: should I pay for a DJ or just use my iPod? An iPod is often the DJ’s biggest competitor these days when it comes to budget weddings. Let’s compare the two – the DJ vs iPod !

The iPod Playlist: During private corporate events, and wedding receptions when an iPod is used, the music loses its fluidity as the songs do not flow together and can have moments of no music while it is changing from one song to another. Typically, the iPod proves to be the biggest downfall of the event because the playlist is restricted or pre-recorded. It can also take away that person from the event. Although this only costs you some time, it can really effect the vibe and atmosphere. Typically our wedding DJs will use an iPod only for the ceremony portion of the event to cut down on equipment costs.

The Mobile DJ: There are many benefits to having a mobile disc jockey mixing music at an event or wedding reception. One of the biggest advantages is that the DJ is someone who is there to focus solely on the music, the crowd and is there to make the appropriate adjustments. Another advantage to having a DJ at your event is the experience the DJ has in creating a mood and controlling it through out the night. When it is cocktail hour, the DJ can provide light background music, but when people are ready to have a good time on the dance floor, the DJ can quickly switch gears and provide the music to pump up the crowd.

Often times, people over look the power and value of good music at an event. A DJ allows you to focus on your guests and enjoy the evening, rather than worrying about what song your iPod will play next or that dull or awkward moment when the iPod is trying to mesh two songs together that just may not work. Hence shuffle mode vs. the mobile DJ!