A silent disco is a quiet club environment when a DJ plays music that is only heard over headphones. The headphones use wireless receivers to transmit the music to each participant. It creates a really cool effect for someone who walks into the room without headphones on yet. It just looks like a room full of people dancing in silence. The headphones have different channels and participants can switch between them to listen to a DJ live or a pre-set playlist.

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It’s perfect when you want to have a fun event. People have a great time at a silent disco event. When someone wants to step out of the action for a moment, they just remove the headphones and they can still enjoy seeing everyone else move to the music. It’s also great for shy people because you can dance without having to interact verbally.

After Hours Party

It’s perfect for after-hours parties. Does your venue or city have a quiet curfew? Or do you just happen to know that loud music is not acceptable after a certain hour in your area? A silent disco is a great way to get around such a curfew and keep the party going late into the evening.

Mobile Party

It’s ideal when your party is mobile. Is the party going to be moving to more than one location throughout the evening? As long as your DJ is mobile or you have DJs set up at each location, you keep the party going without a break (other than the transit time).

Unique Event

It’s also great for hosting a unique event. Not ready to have a silent disco for your wedding or corporate event? What about trying it for a private event? It’s even perfect at a club for a special evening to mix things up for your regulars.


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