SGM Events has the perfect entertainment for your wedding, corporate event, or another private event. However, besides a live entertainer, we’ve found that many of our clients are also interested in renting a photo booth for the event. That’s why we also offer this fabulous service.

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It’s fun!

People love to get in front of the camera with different props, making funny faces, or just taking normal pictures so that you and they both have happy memories of the evening. No one can complain about being bored if there is a perfectly good photo booth to jump into and strike a pose.

It’s perfect for all audience types.

Young and old, shy and outgoing can all enjoy a photo booth. Even people who complain about not being that photogenic always seem to be willing to smile when there is no one holding the camera.

A photo booth creates memories.

While you may also want a professional photographer for your event, hiring a photo booth allows you to have many unique memories. In fact, individuals who managed to evade the photographer all evening may still slip inside the photo booth for a few quick shots before leaving.

You get high-quality pictures.

Sure, you can just put disposable cameras on all the tables and hope people don’t just take pictures of the food and the decorations, but you are sure to get high-quality photos of everyone from your photo booth.


SGM Events has been in business for over a decade, so we understand the industry and the needs of our clients well. We’re an agency you can trust.


SGM Events is a licensed talent agency. That means you can rest assured that you’re deposit for your entertainment is safe.

SGM Events wants to make all of your events that much better. So contact us today to book both your entertainment and a photo booth for your wedding, corporate event, or private event. Just leave an inquiry or call 800.670.7308 to learn more about how to get a photo booth for your evening.

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