When thinking of the different elements to include in your wedding, different dances like the father-daughter, money dance, and anniversary dance come to mind. Another great dance that we always encourage a couple to include is the mother-son dance. Not only is this similar to the father-daughter dance, but the mother-son dance complements the wedding in a special way. Obviously you can pick the time or order you wish for them to be, but these dances are usually best suited after dinner before the cake cutting. It’s a celebration that will stick to your wedding guests minds for years to come.

Make sure to coordinate the music for the mother-son dance with your wedding entertainment beforehand to ensure a seamless and flawless heartfelt moment of the wedding. To give you an idea of how sentimental and special this moment will be, especially for the mother, we’ve included a list of our top ten mother-son dance songs. ¬†This will help in giving you new ideas and a sense of what the dance is all about.

Top Ten Mother Son Dance Songs

  1. Bee Gees – Too Much Heaven
  2. Aaron Lines – Twenty Years Later
  3. Carrie Underwood – Mama’s Song
  4. Boyz II Men – A Song For Mama
  5. Danzig – Mother
  6. Beatles – In My Life
  7. Bette Midler – Baby Mine
  8. Carole King – Child Of Mine
  9. Intruders – I Will Always Love My Mama
  10. Ben E. King – Stand By Me

As you can see there are some pretty sentimental songs listed for the mother-son dance. If these don’t suit your needs or you are looking for something a bit more current we can help you with selecting the mother-son dance songs that you will cherish. You can always discuss music further by setting up a complimentary consultation with one of our mobile disc jockeys. In the meantime, remember to download our wedding music worksheet and get a head start on selecting music for your wedding today!