This seems to be the timeless debate for brides to be, what to pick a band for hire or mobile dj for your wedding? While we know that your wedding is all about a couple showing their love and commitment for one another but it’s also important to remember that as the hosts it is your job to also throw a great party to celebrate that love and show your guests a good time. When it comes to musical entertainment, having the right entertainer at your wedding ceremony and reception is essential to setting the mood and making sure people have fun. But how do you know what wedding entertainment choice is right for you? To help you out, we have compiled a list of pros and cons for each category; band or DJ:

Bands: No matter the genre, live music has the ability to stir the soul of even the most stagnant chair-sitters at a reception! Think about what kind of sound you want: big band, contemporary, golden oldies? Knowing the style and mood you want to set will help you locate the band you hire for your wedding suited directly to you.

Band Pros:

  • There truly is nothing like live music. Live music can energize the crowd and get people more excited about dancing.
  • A specific type of band can truly complete a wedding theme and fill the stage with multiple band members.
  • Bands bring a concert atmosphere to a ceremony or reception.
  • Bands for hire bring their own equipment (sound, instruments, basic dance lighting, microphones, etc.).

Band Cons:

  • Bands can be very expensive.
  • Bands need to take frequent breaks which can end the momentum of a party.
  • Bands are limited to what songs they know how to play well. Many play the same 20-30 songs at every reception.  
  • Some wedding bands can really only play one to a few genres and have a hard time switching genres or styles.

DJs: Don’t fear the mobile disc jockey. The days of disco fever and flashing lights are gone. Today’s mobile disc jockeys are artists in their own right, offering balanced and eclectic mixes of musical styles for all ages.

DJ Pros:

  • A mobile DJ for hire can offer nearly limitless variety and flexibility, from classics to current.
  • A skilled DJ at a party can easily address the unique needs of weddings, with separate setups for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.
  • If they choose a couple can completely customize their wedding playlist, that way they hear exactly the music they have imagined for their wedding.
  • A reputable DJ company will always have another trained mobile disc jockey on stand-by to cover an event when necessary.
  • Mobile disc jockey services include equipment (sound, mobile DJ setup, basic dance lighting, microphones etc.).

DJ Cons:

  • Sometimes it’s hard for a couple to find a disc jockey suitable for their tastes.
  • Some mobile DJs aren’t good MC’s for a wedding (Master of Ceremony).
  • If not consulted prior to the wedding you could end up with a boring DJ or worse, the one on autopilot.
  • Some solo disc jockey services can lead to being deceiving or are not reputable in the business.

Whether you decide to go with a band or DJ or if you comprise and end up with both for your big day, it’s important that as a couple you find the perfect wedding entertainment to fit your needs! Here at SGM Events, we offer many forms and styles of musical entertainment for weddings and we provide complimentary consultations with our San Diego DJs so you can find the perfect fit for your big day!