Want to create an unforgettable event? Take a look at some of our common event entertainment ideas and suggestions. Whether it’s a celebration, a birthday party, a bridal shower, or a baby shower, everyone wants their celebration to be one for the books. Not only as the party planner are you required to prep everything before the event, but you will be required to cater to every need during the event. Here are some things to focus on with the event entertainment and catering to make your event a hit:

Themes: While a theme may not always be necessary for the event entertainment, a theme can add a fun twist to any party. Having a theme can help you when choosing decorations, food, and even what to wear. Whether you welcome your guests with leis at a luau party or dust off those old go-go boots for a disco get together, themes can up the fun (and photo ops) for any event!

Music: There is no bigger party foul then horrible music, or worse, silence, at a get together. If it’s a birthday party, consider hiring a band or mobile disc jockey to help get your guests busting a move on the dance floor. Having a bridal shower or baby shower and want the focus to be on games and conversation rather than live event entertainment? Hire a musician or play a CD from your favorite acoustic artist or pianist in the background. You don’t need a string quartet or a group of horn players to have ensure awesome event entertainment.

Magic: Hiring a magician can help ease guests into their setting once they arrive. A magician or illusionist is a great way to begin an event to create laughter and mingling, giving guests the opportunity to lose their shyness and exploit their intuitions.

Video: Video projections and screens have become popular among many private and corporate event entertainers. Got a stunning stage with a full band but need something more to really stimulate the senses? Hiring an lighting company to provide video projections or LED panels may do just the trick, and will really enhance your corporate event entertainment!

Games: Games don’t have to be cheesy. There are all kinds of corporate entertainers from photo booths, to caricatures, to face painting. How about a team building afternoon of bowling? The possibilities are endless and games will cut the dreaded work talk and help co-workers bond with one another. Have you found the team building perfect game? Share your ideas in our comments section.

Catering: Make sure you have food! Whether it’s a potluck or a fully catered event, make sure you have something for your guests to eat. Guests attend parties and events expecting there to be food or at least snacks to munch on. Guests remember when they have good food, so bring out those platters and have your guests leave with full bellies and smiles on their faces! If you are looking for a good catering company in San Diego don’t be afraid to contact our San Diego booking agents for event entertainment suggestions, we’ve worked with hundreds of vendors in the business.

Choose corporate event entertainers that are perfect for your setting and budget and there is not doubt the music will be a hit! Don’t be afraid to inquire with one of our San Diego music agents, they can help give you suggestions on the perfect musical or corporate entertainment. Above all, have fun and enjoy your day! While you want to make sure your guests have a great time, you also want to make the most of your event as well!

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