We get a lot of questions on some of our processes here at the agency so we thought it would be helpful to teach everyone the proper steps to hire a wedding DJ. We decided the best way to convey the information was to create a simple info graphic explaining some of the common questions our agents get at the office day in and day out. We are already getting bombarded with phone calls right after the New Year as well as booking inquiry submissions so please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions. We would love to chat with you and answer any questions you might have.

We’ve broken up our info graphic into a few different sections. First we introduce ourselves, and then we get into the basic steps to hiring a wedding DJ. Don’t be afraid there are only four simple steps to hiring your next wedding DJ with us! After that we get into what our agents will send and collect from you if all goes well during the complimentary consultation! Next up we explain what goes into our entertainment itinerary which is something that our agents will put together here in the office for you, the wedding DJ, and any wedding planners or day of coordinators. In the next section we include “The DJ Checklist” which is a basic list of things that our DJs offer, something you should look for with the competition. Don’t be fooled by up sells or mis leading information from other vendors! For us everything is included in one price with the exception of the optional equipment you can add to your package. Lastly we go over the advantages to booking with an agency vs booking with a solo wedding DJ.

(Click infographic to enlarge.)