Custom gobo monograms or traditionally referred to as monograms are unique because they are custom made for each and every event or wedding. Monograms are very popular for weddings and can add flair to any event. If you have a custom image for printed invitations, a company logo, cursive letters with your couples first names, the possibilities are endless. One thing to note is the art cannot be too small or detailed. There are so many factors that go into ordering a custom gobo monogram we thought we’d share a few tips.

  • The customer requesting the gobo will supply the artwork to us so we can create it. We accept AI, EPS, JPEG or PNG, although vector art (AI and EPS) are the preferred formats. If the art is too detailed we will let you know and come up with a solution to order the product.
  • The fixture that is used determines the size of the gobo. One benefit to ordering through us is that we take care of all of the details for you. No need to understand what fixture the DJ might have if you ordered the proper size or any other concerns. Send us the art and know that we will gladly take care of the rest.
  • Make sure you provide ample time to order the custom gobo from print or rush fee’s could be applied to your invoice. Usually, they take about 10-15 business days from the time of order, which means the art will need to be done beforehand.

All of our mobile DJs can supply a monogram light, and our office staff can assist you in ordering a custom gobo for your event. The benefit to ordering everything under one roof is we can cover all the basics for you, from the fixture to the gobo itself. Let the DJ know the placement of the light and well put it up for you. If this interests you please don’t hesitate to leave us a booking inquiry today!

Custom gobo mongogram lit up at a wedding.