According to many cultures, rain on your wedding day symbolizes fortune, fertility and good luck. But rain can also send your wedding into turmoil, soaking floral arrangements, ruining the food, and forcing guests to seek cover.

Pass Out Umbrellas

If you are worried about the possibility of rain on your wedding day, consider handing out umbrellas to guests as favors. There are several companies that will sell bulk orders of customized umbrellas. Instead of just giving your guests a generic, nondescript umbrella, you can pass out umbrellas that are personalized with you and your fiance’s names, as well as the wedding date. Even if it doesn’t rain, guests will have a fun new keepsake to cherish for years to come.


Pioneered by the travel company Oliver’s Travels, this bold new service aims to guarantee clear skies on your big day by seeding the clouds with silver iodide. A team of pilots and meteorologists will fly around your chosen venue at least one week prior to the week, releasing particles into the clouds. The general idea is that silver iodide will force rain from the clouds, leaving you and your fiance with clear skies on the big day.

We can now offer our customers a ‘cloud-bursting’ service that can 100% guarantee fair weather and clear skies for your wedding day!” wrote Oliver’s Travels, when announcing its new cloud-bursting service.

If you plan on using the cloud-bursting service, though, you can expect to shell out a minimum of $150,000. Furthermore, the company only offers the service in France, although it plans to expand the operation to the U.K. and Italy.

Have a Backup Plan Ready

Couples should always have a backup facility prepared for their wedding day just in case the weather turns south. Hopefully, you can exchange vows under at the main ceremony area, but if it begins to rain, you need an area where you, your fiance, and all of your guests can go to for cover. This may be an unoccupied church, a covered pavilion, or even a large gazebo tent — the same goes for bands, DJs or other entertainment services providers who are booked to perform on your big day.

Embrace It!

Another option is to simply embrace the rain rather than trying to avoid it. Sure, it may cause some chaos, but you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding just a little more if you aren’t worried about the rain.

Although we can’t guarantee clear skies on your big day, SGM Events can handle all of your wedding entertainment needs.

Photo credit: Luca Rossato