Who knew wedding flowers could be so expensive? According to Brides.com, couples spend an average of 10% of their entire wedding budget on floral arrangements. Considering that weddings today cost roughly $20,000, that’s $2,000 just on flowers alone! But there are ways to lower the cost of wedding flowers, some of which we’re going to discuss today.

Choose Seasonal Flowers

Not surprisingly, in-season flowers usually cost less than out-of-season flowers. Tulips, hydrangea and peonies, for instance, are better suited for the cooler fall and winter months. You can still purchase and use them during the summer, but you’ll have to pay a premium since they are out of season.

Get Quotes from Multiple Florists

Shopping around by comparing the prices of multiple florists can save you big bucks with your wedding planning. If a particular florists has better connections with wholesale distributors, he or she will likely pass on those savings to the customer in the form of cheaper flowers. So, don’t assume that all florists offer the same prices. You should check with at least three florists to get a better idea of

Minimize Variety

Try sticking with just a few different varieties of flowers at your wedding. The greater the variety, the more you can expect to pay. This is because most florists offer discounts on bulk orders, meaning you’ll receive steep discounts for using just a few varieties of wedding flowers.

Try an Alternative

Instead of buying flowers for your bridesmaids, why not give them something to carry? As noted in an article published by BuzzFeed, some couple have used lanterns as an alternative to bridesmaids flowers. Lanterns are inexpensive and unique, making them a great cost-effective alternative. You can even decorate them with ribbon and other items to reflect your wedding decor.

Reuse Ceremony Flowers for Reception

Consider reusing the flowers from the ceremony for the reception. Some couples assume that they must use two separate sets of flowers — one for the ceremony and another for the reception — but this isn’t the case. After the ceremony is over, have someone move the flowers to the reception venue. This can easily save you hundreds of dollars on floral arrangements, and most guests won’t realize that the flowers are being reused.

Skip the Flowers for Centerpieces

Table centerpieces are a critical element of the reception decor. While flowers are always an excellent choice for centerpieces, there are other ways to decorate the tables at your reception. You can use a combination of votive candles, berries and plants. Or if you’re really feeling innovative, try placing some string lights in glass cases or bowls. When it comes to centerpieces, there’s no limit to the possibilities other than your imagination.

Photo credit: John Hope