Weddings are filled with joy and memories, but they can also be downright stressful. As a bride, you may find yourself scrambling around the venue to make those last-minute preparations, whether it’s requesting a different dance song to the DJ or just shuffling around the decorations. While there’s nothing wrong with taking the reins at your wedding, you’ll want to avoid making the following mistakes.

Wear New Shoes for the First Time

You’ll be standing on your feet for several hours at minimum, so it’s a good idea to break in your bridal shoes before your wedding day. Wearing a pair of new bridal shoes for the first time may cause pain and discomfort, which could also lead to blisters on your feet. To prevent this from happening, wear them around your house for a couple days before the big day. Doing so will break in your bridal shoes so they are softer and more comfortable to wear.

Try New Makeup Styles

Stick with your regular makeup routine on your wedding day to prevent any mishaps. There’s a time and place for “testing” new makeup styles, but your wedding day isn’t one of them.

Skip Meals

Wedding-day nerves may cause some brides to skip breakfast or lunch. Waiting until the reception to satisfy your hunger cravings may seem harmless enough, but skipping meals can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar, which in turn may lead to nausea and lightheadedness. Besides, brides need the nutrition to sustain their energy levels throughout the wedding. So before you head off to the venue, eat a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast.


Don’t overschedule yourself on your wedding day. With the reception, ceremony, photos, meet-and-greet with guests, dancing, etc. you’ll have your hands full on your wedding day as it is. If you want a bridesmaid luncheon or similar social gathering with your friends or family, schedule it before your wedding day.

High-Intensity Exercise

Something else that brides should avoid doing on their wedding day is high-intensity exercise. If you’re a health-conscious women who starts her mornings off with a weight-lifting regimen, you should postpone your workout session until after the wedding. Performing high-intensity exercise before the ceremony could result in injury and/or bruising.

Eating or Drinking Anything that Could Stain

While you shouldn’t skip meals on your wedding day, you also shouldn’t eat or drink anything that could stain your dress — not while wearing your dress, at least. Assuming you have the time as well as a place to change, it’s a good idea to wear casual clothes when you first arrive at the venue. This will reduce the risk of stains or other damage occurring to your wedding dress.