Still searching for ways to leave a memorable, lasting impression on guests at your wedding? From unique seating charts and decorations to singers and ushers, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the many ways to “wow” your wedding guests.

Surprise Singers

If you really want to wow your wedding guests, hire some surprise singers for the reception. For instance, a group of singers could disguise themselves as catering staff, walking around the reception area while serving food and beverages to guests. When the DJ plays a certain song, however, they grab a microphone and start singing. Unless they were in on the secret, guests probably won’t expect catering staff to hit the dance floor singing, making this a fun surprise.

Create a Kids’ Corner

Consider creating a “kids’ corner” at your wedding, complete with child-friendly games and activities. Doing so will take the burden of watching kids off the parents’ shoulders, allowing them to fully enjoy the wedding. And besides, most kids prefer playing games instead of sitting still during the ceremony. You can set up arts and crafts, movies, coloring books, bubbles, etc. Just remember to designate an adult as the kids’ corner supervisor.

Family Tree Seating Chart

A third way to wow your wedding guests is to create a seating chart that not only reveals who sits where, but also how everyone is related. In addition to being fun, a family tree seating chart is a great way for guests to break the ice, assuming they haven’t met already.


Even if guests are familiar with the seating chart, it’s not a bad idea to hire an usher to help escort them to their seats. This is a simple and easy way to make guests feel special on your wedding day. The usher typically stands at the back of the ceremony, escorting guests to their appropriate seat. You don’t have to necessarily hire an usher, either, as any member of the wedding party can perform this task.

Choose the Right Venue

With the exception of bridesmaids, groomsmen and some immediate family members, most guests will see the venue for the first time on your wedding day. So instead of choosing a generic venue for your ceremony, consider a venue that’s more unique and memorable. Outdoor venues like the Campbell Creek Ranch are an excellent choice, as they offer greater freedom for decorating along with the warm sunshine. Guests are sure to appreciate the beauty of a unique outdoor venue. If you need help choosing a wedding venue, check out our previous blog post here.