When planning an event or party, it’s important to hire reputable, esteemed vendors who go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy the needs of guests. Whether it’s catering, photography, videography, entertainment, etc., some vendors will attempt to cut corners by delivering less-than stellar service. Other vendors, however, are naturally motivated to provide the best service possible. So, how do you find the right vendors for an event or party?

The Venue

There’s no better place to find vendors for an upcoming event than by checking with the venue. Assuming you’ve already chosen a venue, ask the owner or manager for vendor recommendations. He or she should point you in the right direction, informing you about popular, reputable vendors who service the surrounding area. Granted, it’s always a smart idea to do conduct your own research on vendors before hiring them, but this is a good starting point nonetheless.

Trade Publications

Check some of the trade publications associated with your industry to see any vendors are listed here. Vendors will often advertise their services in trade publications and magazines, especially if it’s an industry in which they specialize.

Entertainment Booking Service

Entertainment is arguably the single most important vendor service at events and parties. A good DJ or musician will set the mood, creating a fun-filled environment that guests are sure to appreciate. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that you find a good entertainment vendor, consider using a booking service. SGMevents is San Diego’s premiere entertainment booking provider for private events and parties, connecting you to world-renown DJs, musicians, magicians and more.

Search the Local Convention and Visitors Bureau

If you haven’t done so already, search the local convention and visitors bureaus for the city in which the event is taking place. Local business owners will advertise their serviced here, making it an ideal place to find vendors for an event.

Word of Mouth

Sometimes word of mouth can reveal great vendors for an event that would otherwise go unnoticed. Ask your coworkers, professional acquaintances and business partners for vendor recommendations. Unbiased recommendations such as this can prove invaluable in connecting you with experienced, highly qualified vendors and service providers.

These are just a few tips on how to find vendors for an event or party. While these are all excellent ways to find vendors, the best sources will come from your own personal experience. Make a note of the quality of each vendor’s service after the event is over. Using this information, you can better plan future events and parties by re-hiring the right vendors.