Most people will agree that receptions are the “fun” part of a wedding. After the bride and groom have exchanged vows and said their “I dos,” everyone will head to the reception area for food, drinks, music, dancing and good times. Here are some tips to make your wedding reception one to remember.

Double-Check the Seating

Make sure you have enough tables and chairs at your reception to accommodate all guests and their RSVP’d “plus ones.” Without adequate seating, some guests may be forced to stand or find alternative seating, which isn’t exactly kosher. Couples should plan their reception seating chart well in advance to eliminate confusion regarding who sits where. After creating this seating chart, place it at the front of the reception to help guests find their seats.

Tip: for large weddings with 100 or more guests, you may want to designate someone as an usher to escort guests to their appropriate table and seat.

Use Lighting for Evening/Nighttime Receptions

If your wedding reception is being held outdoors during the evening or nighttime, use lighting to illuminate the surrounding area. Don’t just set up any generic lights, though. Try running string lights from across the canopy of your reception area, as this offers both aesthetic and functional benefits. String lights will illuminate the reception while also adding a stylish touch the decor. You can even use string lights to spell out you and your spouse’s last name along with the wedding date.

Give Music and Song Selections to the DJ

Assuming you plan on hiring a DJ for your wedding (and you should), provide him or her with a playlist of your preferred songs and music beforehand.

Leave Room for the Dance Floor

When planning the layout for your reception, leave enough room for the dance floor. A small, cramped dance floor discourages guests from dancing, which has a negative impact on the overall mood and atmospheric setting of a wedding. Also, it’s best to make the dance floor the center of attention. Instead of designating a small corner of the reception for dancing, use the center of the reception area as the dance floor.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Of course, you should also create a comfortable reception environment for your wedding guests. Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of summer, meaning the temperatures will continue to rise. To keep guests cool and comfortable, consider using oscillating fans, cool mist machines, and pavilions or other shaded structures.