Entertainment plays an important role in modern-day weddings, setting the tone for a fun-filled environment that guests will remember for years to come. Of course, there’s no better solution for wedding entertainment than a professional DJ. If you’re still on the fence about hiring one, check out some of their benefits listed below.


Smoother Song-to-Song Transitions

It’s next-to-impossible to seamlessly transition from a fast-paced song to a slower song using an MP3 player. However, a DJ can make this transition a breeze, allowing for smoother transitions while keeping the dance floor packed and energized in the process. “Gaps” between songs can kill an otherwise active dance floor, creating an awkward silence that discourages guests from dancing. These moments of silence are eliminated with a DJ, allowing guests to shake their tail feathers on the dance floor without interruption.

They Bring their Own Sound Equipment

A professional DJ usually brings his or her own sound equipment, meaning you won’t have to buy or rent it for your wedding. And it’s not cheap, “consumer-grade” sound equipment, either. Professional DJs have access to state-of-the-art controllers, mixers, speakers and more. This high-end equipment translates into a superior quality sound that’s simply not found in its cheaper, consumer-grade counterpart.

DJs can Make Announcements

You might be surprised to learn that DJs can even make announcements at your wedding. If the bride wants to dance with her father, for instance, the DJ can announce this dance, as well as others, to the audience. Just let the know the DJ know ahead of time when and what to announce.

Song Requests

By hiring a DJ for your wedding, you, your fiance and anyone else at the wedding can make song requests. Granted, it’s a good idea to plan your playlist in advance, as this ensures your desired songs WILL be played. But the fact is that most DJs have access to tens of thousands of songs, encompassing all genres of music. If a song pops into your mind that you want played at your wedding, just ask the DJ if he or she can play it.

More Photo Opportunities

How can hiring a DJ create more photo opportunities at your wedding? Well, a seasoned DJ will encourage guests to get up and dance, which in turn creates plenty of fun-filled photo opportunities. When your wedding is over, you and your newlywed spouse can look back on photos of your friends and family enjoying themselves on the dance floor.