Still on the fence about having a wedding rehearsal? According to some reports, more than half of all weddings do not include a rehearsal. Before nixing it from your budget, though, you should familiarize yourself with some of the benefits it offers.

Brings Families Together

A wedding rehearsal offers the perfect opportunity for the bride and groom’s families to break the ice. Rehearsals are more relaxed and laid back, allowing family members to converse, and in some cases, meet each other for the first time. This is particularly true for the dinner, which usually follows the actual rehearsal. During the rehearsal dinner, both the bride and groom’s families gather for delicious food and good company.

Perform a Dry Run of the Ceremony

Having a wedding rehearsal also gives couples the opportunity to perform a dry run of their ceremony. How will the bride walk down the aisle? In what order will the groomsmen and bridesmaids enter? Where will everyone stand? Who will escort guests to their seat? Even if you have all of these things covered, it’s a good idea to rehearse the ceremony.

See how the Officiant Performs

Another reason to have a wedding rehearsal is so you can see the officiant in action. Most wedding officiants will gladly participate in the rehearsal, allowing couples to see first-hand how they perform. You can see how the officiant projects his or her voice, how they stand, and their overall quality of speaking

Relieves Stress

This alone should be reason enough to have a wedding rehearsal. Couples are often stressed on their wedding day, but having a rehearsal helps to relieve some of this stress and anxiety. Rehearsals are typically more relaxed than the actual wedding. So instead of worrying about every little detail, you can enjoy the experience while it prepares you and your soon-to-be-spouse for the Big Day.

It’s Fun

Yep, wedding rehearsals are fun. A typical rehearsal lasts just 1-2 hours, after which the bride, groom and their respective families will attend a dinner. It’s a fun-filled experience for everyone involved, setting the tone for a positive future.

The bottom line is that while wedding rehearsals aren’t mandatory, having one can prove useful. It brings the bride and groom’s families together; allows for a dry run of the ceremony; relieves stress and more. Talk with your fiance and discuss whether or not a rehearsal is beneficial for your wedding day.

Photo credit: Tyler Hoff