Many couples are venturing away from the “norm” when planning their wedding. Instead of traditional decor, they seek a more unique and memorable theme. One such theme that’s becoming increasing popular is nautical, which is characterized by elements associated with the sea and water. So, how exactly do you plan a nautical wedding?

Serve Seafood

Being that nautical centers around the sea and water, serving seafood at your wedding is the perfect way to embrace this theme. Of course, you don’t have to serve full meals, as hor d’oeuvres and finger foods will suffice for mid-day weddings. Some seafood ideas to consider for your wedding include shrimp cocktails, bacon-wrapped shrimp bites, lobster bites, hush puppies, and fried fish slider sandwiches.

Nautical Wedding Cake

Don’t forget to order a wedding cake that’s aligned with your nautical theme. While the possibilities are endless, you generally want to include a few basic elements in the design, such as an anchor and rope (made of icing, of course). Call around and get quotes from different bakery companies to see if this is something they can do. Compared to other, more complex designs, however, a nautical wedding cake should be a breeze for any professional bakery company.

Choose the Right Venue

When planning a nautical wedding, choose a venue with waterside scenery. This doesn’t necessarily mean the beach, as many popular wedding venues are located near lakes and rivers.

Nautical Wedding Invitations

Don’t use generic wedding invitations, but instead design them with nautical elements like ocean waves and fish. Not only does this set the tone for a nautical wedding, but it also lets guests know what to expect.

Sailor Hats at Props

Invest in a dozen or so sailor hats to use as props in your wedding. Once the ceremony is over and it’s time to take pictures, you can request your wedding parties to wear them. This adds a fun element to your photos, embracing a genuine nautical theme. And assuming you buy the sailor hats instead of renting them, you can give them to your bridesmaids and groomsmen as a gift.

Nautical Decor

You’ll also need the right decorative accessories in your nautical wedding, such as the following:

  • Ship wheels
  • Rope
  • Seashells
  • Paintings of lighthouses, beaches, marine life, etc.
  • Ship-in-a-bottle
  • Anchors
  • Life preservers
  • Nautical compass

These are just a few tips to help plan your big day. Above all else, though, have fun with your nautical wedding and plan it the way YOU want.

Photo credit: Gretchen Esbensen