Wedding cakes are more than just a sweet treat; they enhance your wedding decor while bringing smiles to guests’ faces. Because of its significance, you should carefully choose the right one when planning your wedding. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing your wedding cake.


How big do you want your cake? A good rule of thumb is to choose a cake with at least one slice per guest. If you invite 150 guests to your wedding, for instance, you should choose a cake with 150 or more slices. This ensures that every guests who wants a slice can get one.


You should also consider the flavor (or flavors) when choosing a wedding cake. Some of the most popular choices include lemon, chocolate, raspberry, orange, amaretto, red velvet and chocolate. Keep in mind that a chocolate from one bakery may taste different than a chocolate from another bakery. So before agreeing to any specific flavors, visit the bakery for an in-person taste test with your fiance.

The Bakery

Check to make sure the bakery has experience in making wedding cakes. They should have a portfolio of past cakes that you can use as a source of reference when choosing a cake for your big day. If you see a cake you like, you can ask the bakery to recreate it. Or you can simply draw inspiration and elements from the bakery’s past work, creating a unique cake for your wedding.


The cost of a wedding cake varies depending on many different factors, including the size, number of tiers, location of bakery company, flavor, and more. According to an article published by HuffingtonPost, however, the national average cost of a wedding cake is $466. Using this is a base price, determine how much you and your fiance are willing to spend and factor it into your wedding budget. The article also recommends doughnut cakes as a cost-friendly alternative, which cost a fraction of the price of traditional wedding cakes.


As with most wedding services, it’s a good idea to get your wedding cake agreement in writing. The contract should include details like the venue, date/time, price, flavors, style, etc. If any changes are made, they should be reflected in the contract as well. Chances are you won’t need to use the contract, but having it provides peace of mind knowing the bakery is bound to the agreement.

These are just a things to consider when choosing a wedding cake.