Unless you want an empty dance floor at your wedding (never a good idea), you’ll need to hire a professional DJ for your big day. Some couples attempt to cut costs by using an iPod, only to experience “technical” problems when it’s time for the father-bride or mother-groom dance. A professional DJ eliminates problems such as these by bringing equipment and expertise to your wedding. But with so many different professional DJs, how do you know which one to choose?


Most professional DJs require an upfront deposit to secure their services for a specific date. For instance, it’s not uncommon for DJs to require a 50% deposit when booking their services. Check to see how much the deposit costs when choosing a DJ for your wedding.

Sound Equipment

Professional DJs should bring their own high-end sound equipment when performing at weddings. Even if your wedding venue has its own “in-house” sound system, it probably pales in comparison to the equipment used by a DJ. Of course, it’s always a good idea to ask prospective DJs about their equipment before booking. What type of equipment will they bring? How long does it take to set up? Do they have backup equipment? These are all great questions to ask when choosing a DJ.

Song Requests

Will the DJ accommodate song requests from you, your fiance, and other guests at your wedding? If not, they should! You’ll probably have a list of meaningful songs you want played during the reception. A good disc jockey should accommodate these requests, allowing you to specify a song list for the ceremony, reception and sendoff.


If you plan on getting married outside of the city, you should check to make sure the DJ is willing to travel. Some DJs only service local events, limiting their customer base. The good news is that all disc jockeys booked through SGM Events will gladly travel outside of the San Diego area.

Dance Lights

Lighting can enhance your wedding while encouraging guests to stand up and dance. All DJ packages booked through SGM Events offer dance floor lighting upon request, which is another reason why you should book your wedding entertainment with us.


As with most wedding services, you should sign a contract after choosing a DJ to perform at your wedding. Doing so gives you peace of mind knowing the DJ is bound to perform at your wedding, according to the agreement set forth in the contract.

Photo credit: Joshua Skaroff