If you have spent any time in the event planning business, then you realize that hiring the right entertainment can make a huge difference in whether your client and their guests are satisfied. Whether it is a wedding, a corporate event, or a private get-together, there is one thing you need to know before you even start to look for an act.

If you’re going to book the right entertainment, you need to understand the purpose of the special event.

Let’s consider a few ways that this simple rule will influence your quest for the perfect live entertainer.

  • Selecting age-appropriate entertainment – If you are planning a child’s birthday party, you are obviously going to be looking at a different catalog of entertainment than you would for a wedding. A magician, a band that plays kids music, or a DJ with a family-friendly playlist may be just what you need.
  • What energy do you need to create? – With a wedding, there is already exciting energy due to the happy couple starting their new life together. However, if you are celebrating a corporate milestone or a release of a new product, it may require a little more energy to get employees excited.
  • Setting the mood – Even at a wedding, different couples will have a different vibe. Some will want more slow dances, especially if the crowd is a little older. A younger party may want a band that knows all the latest chart toppers.

The Entertainment Agency Every Event Planner Should Know

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