If you are planning to take your wedding vows anytime in the near future, then one of the things you have to be thinking about is music, both at the ceremony and at the reception. Here are a few wedding music mistakes you need to watch out for.

  • Not having enough diversity – No matter how much you enjoy one particular genre of music, no one is going to want to hear it and dance to it for 5 hours. A little variety will get everyone involved and give your wedding that “something for everyone” feel that attendees will remember.
  • Forgetting to come up with a do-not-play list – Most couples have a list of musts, but a list of must-nots is just as important. This will ensure that those songs you hate won’t get played on your special day, even if a well-meaning guest requests them.
  • Having the first dance be too long – Most couples don’t want to be in the spotlight for 5-6 minutes, slow dancing while everyone just watches or records it. Try to find a song that is less than 4 minutes. You may be able to get a DJ to cut it down or find an alternate version of a longer song you like, or perhaps your band will come up with their own shortened rendition with enough notice.

Not hiring professionals – More and more couples are coming up with the idea to have a friend curate a Spotify playlist. The problem is that you lose variety, your friend probably doesn’t have the charisma of a live performer, and very few people have sound equipment that can match a pro. That’s why you want to check out the artists’ list at SGM Events. Our professionals can make sure that everyone has a great night, and they have all the right equipment to make the evening memorable. Call 800.670.7308 to get started, or you can submit a booking inquiry online if you already know which performer you are interested in.