If you are getting married any time in the future, then you have to start thinking about the music now. Here is a checklist to help you remember the many details that go into having the perfect music at your wedding.

  • Hire the live entertainment – Whether it is a band, a DJ, or a solo artist, selecting your live wedding entertainment is the first step.
  • Pre-ceremony music – Don’t let your guests arrive in complete silence. Have a music list for songs to play as guests arrive. Keep the music quiet enough to allow for conversation.
  • Select your wedding party and bridal procession music – These are two of the most important songs. The tempo will set the pace for how everyone walks down the aisle, so be sure to have the actual songs for your rehearsal.
  • Leave time for a soundcheck – If the band or DJ isn’t allowed into the ceremony or reception areas until guests are already arriving, either your attendees will hear the soundcheck or there won’t be one (which can lead to all sorts of problems once you need music to play).
  • Have must-play and must-not-play lists – This will help steer your entertainment in the direction you want.
  • Select a short song for your first dance. Unless you want to be out on the dance floor for 5-6 minutes with everyone taking pictures. We’re not judging.

Hire the Best Wedding Entertainment in San Diego

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