Whether you hire a band or a DJ for your special event, the type of music you want to be played has to be a consideration. While most pro DJs will have a wide selection of music to play, the types of music you want to hear may be a major factor in choosing the right band or soloist. Here are a few music genres that sometimes get missed but should definitely be a consideration:

  • Ballroom – This music lends itself to a number of different styles of dance. The reason it often gets passed over is that your guests may need lessons to be able to know the right steps. However, many people at weddings and other events just dance to have fun and don’t care if they know all the right moves. And for those guests who have been taking lessons, a ballroom song gives them a few minutes to shine.
  • Jive/Swing – The typical 20s dance style that was revived in the 90s is still dear to many partygoers. But with fewer Brian Setzers out there than a couple of decades ago, there isn’t a ton of modern music to play. Breaking out some of the old hits may be just what your guests are hoping for though.
  • Latin – Whether you have Latin guests attending your party or not, this is a great music style for dancing in general. Even if you don’t know how to salsa or bachata, you will still have a good time moving to the beat.

Finding the Right Live Artists for Your Special Events

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