If you want to promote your corporate event, you may think all you have to do is broadcast it to the world. Unfortunately, the modern generation focused on social media doesn’t seem to respond to the hard-sell tactics of the past. Therefore, you have to be smart about your event marketing. Here are a few tips for promoting your corporate event in 2019.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute – For marketing to appear more organic, rather than being a hard-sell, it takes time.
  • Offer something relevant – Rather than promoting your event in a Tweet and hoping people will care, try to find ways to make your event relevant to the wants and needs of potential attendees.
  • Convey value for the attendee – Rather than saying, “Our event is going to be the best!” focus on what attendees will get out of it. You can mention giveaways, live entertainment, and other possible benefits for the event goer.
  • Target a specific audience – The best way to get people who see your marketing to care is to show it to a targeted audience who should be interested in attending your corporate event.

Corporate Event Entertainment to Entice Your Guests

To find the best talent in the San Diego area, be sure to contact SGM Events to book live entertainment for your next corporate event. We have experienced corporate entertainers who can make the event really stand out. To get started, call 800.670.7308 today, or you can submit a booking inquiry online.