Are you planning a private event that could use the acoustic flair of one of our San Diego based reggae artists? Here are the top 5 acoustic reggae performers in the area.

Casey Turner

Casey combines a light reggae vibe with the feel of an acoustic rock artist. The combination produces a unique and comfortable sound for your guests to enjoy. Casey has played at many popular venues and knows how to adjust the volume of his music to ensure that he accompanies the event rather than drowning it out.


A singer-songwriter who has played in reggae, ska, oldies, and rock bands, Jehua is a seasoned acoustic performer. He can create a full band sound by looping keyboard, bass, drums, guitar, and ukulele. From reggae to classic pop songs, Jehua offers a seasoned and unique performance.

Justin Werner

Justin is a singer-songwriter with years of experience in the music industry. He plays a diverse array of music genres including reggae, blues, rock, and ballads. Whether you get to hear great renditions of your favorite songs or a few of Justin’s own beautifully word-smithed melodies, your guests are in for a treat.


From reggae and hip hop to Brazilian bossa nova and samba, Marauak offers great original music in both English and Portuguese. You also get a nice mix of inventive reinterpretations of songs from other artists in various genres.

Matt Sandoval

Matt is a diverse artist who really knows how to take care of an audience. From reggae to rock to neo-soul, Matt can get the young and the old out on the dance floor for a great evening. Be prepared for an evening to remember!

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