Getting married outdoors in the warm summer sun is a nice way to start a lifetime together, but you have to do it right or things can quickly get off to a bad start for the happy couple. Here are four quick tips to help you enjoy a great summer wedding.

  1. Choose the right venue – Not only do you want the right location and atmosphere but having a plan B with an indoor room is also great in case rain decides to play the spoiler on your big day.
  2. Select a fitting menu – Be careful with foods that can go bad quickly in the heat. Sticking to a lighter fare is also a good idea because people don’t like to eat heavy foods when they are hot.
  3. Wear the right outfit – Wedding clothes aren’t known for being light and airy, so choosing the right materials for dresses or suits is a must.
  4. Hire the right wedding entertainment – Some bands or DJs are better suited for playing outdoors. Your venue will also have to have a power supply that is accessible to the musicians, unless it’s a small wedding and they don’t require speakers, amps, or a mic.

Use the Right Agency to Book Your Wedding Music

SGM Events has the artists you want for your outdoor wedding. From bands to DJs and even specialty acts, we have what you’re looking for. Give us a call today at 800.670.7308, or you can submit a booking inquiry online.