If you are planning a corporate event in 2020, you need to start marketing now to ensure that your product release or big announcement gets the deserved attention. How can you market your event well in the modern world that is tech-driven? Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Direct marketing – Use your mailing lists and newsletters to advertise your event to potential attendees directly or to build anticipation for the event online. Be sure to be clear which one you are suggesting.
  • Use social media to build up the event – Everything from hints at what the secret announcement is going to be to previews of the exciting entertainment to be featured at the event will be perfect for social media accounts.
  • Get the discussion going in advance – Is your product release going to require a learning curve? Start providing as much education as you can without giving away all the secrets of the new tech. Are you making a big announcement and want to be sure everyone will understand why it is so important? Start dropping posts now that show current concepts that are going to be updated by your big news.

Hire the Right Entertainment to Make Your Event a Smash

After all the build-up, the worst thing you can do is let down attendees by not having the right entertainment. SGM Events offers the best DJs, bands, and alternative entertainment in the San Diego area so that you can have a unique performance as one of the highlights. Contact us today at 800.670.7308, or you can make a booking inquiry online