The majority of couples plan their wedding at least a year ahead of time, but as the big day draws near, there are certain things you need to accomplish in order to stay on schedule. We are going to narrow things down to your entertainment in particular, but you can apply these principles to many aspects of your wedding.

Making the Big Decisions

When the big day is about eight to ten months away, you need to get together as a couple to iron out all of the big decisions. When it comes to entertainment, that means deciding on whether you want a band or a DJ. You may also desire some alternative form of entertainment. Be sure to think about how you will welcome guests at the ceremony, what will be happening during the cocktail hour, and the entertainment that will continue after you have left for the evening. 

Booking the Entertainment

You want to have all of your entertainers booked about six to eight months before your wedding day. This will ensure that you get your first pick. It also gives you plenty of time to communicate with your entertainers before the day is finally here.

Hire the Right Entertainment Agency

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