Are you planning a wedding? Then you know that a lot of prep goes into every stage, and that the entertainment can be one of the things that your guests remember the most! Here are a few tips for making sure you get the music just right.

  • Hire the right entertainers – The right DJ, band, soloist, or other form of entertainment will set the tone for the evening, so be sure to hire a professional.
  • Before the ceremony – You want music in the background when your guests arrive, so be sure your entertainer knows to arrive and set up early.
  • Walking down the aisle – Some of the most crucial music choices of the evening involve the wedding party and bridal procession songs.
  • Don’t forget the soundcheck – Make sure your performers can get into the venue early enough to set up at both the reception and the ceremony.
  • Come up with a “must” playlist as well as a “do not” playlist – This will ensure you hear the songs that you love, but that a guest can’t request a song that you don’t want to hear at your wedding.
  • Pick the right song for the first dance – Remember to keep it short, so you don’t get embarrassed and your guests don’t end up bored. You need at least a couple of minutes for some good photos and videos, but once you hit the 4-5 minute range, people will get antsy.

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