From bands to DJs to alternative forms of entertainment, there are plenty of ways to keep guests happy at your wedding. However, you need to think about when you want entertainers to perform. Here are some of the key times so that there is no lull in the evening.

  • Ceremony arrival – You don’t want people entering your venue in complete silence.
  • During the ceremony – You want the processional music to be professionally played, so the focus is on you when you walk down the aisle.
  • Cocktail hour – The same holds true even more so with the reception as with the ceremony. You don’t want people walking into a silent room. Make sure there is music during the cocktail hour.
  • Dinner – You want entertainment during the meal. You also need to see if your entertainers have a microphone you can use for announcements, speeches, and the like.
  • Dancing – Make sure your entertainers get and keep people on the dancefloor. Unless, of course, you opt for an alternative form of entertainment like a magician or acrobats. Even then, you’d probably still want a DJ or musician to get people dancing later in the evening.

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