Governor Newsome just outlined six big things that the state of California will have to be able to do in order to lift the current restrictions that we are all experiencing. Those necessities range from the need to expand testing capabilities as well as isolation for patients to the development of regulations that will help us continue to maintain social distancing, even in private businesses.

Whether you are hoping to have a big party in the coming months, or planning an event for well into the future in the hopes of these regulations being lifted, SGM Events will be here for you.

How long will it take to achieve the kind of herd immunity needed for mass gatherings? There is no way to be certain. However, one thing you can be sure of is that when the time is right to throw your post coronavirus parties, SGM Events will have the top talent in San Diego ready to entertain your guests.

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You can book your event as far ahead as you like, so call SGM Events today at 800.670.7308. You can also submit an online booking inquiry. Either way, we can set up a video conference to go over the details with you while we are all at home. Then, when it is finally time to emerge from our houses, you’ll already have one of the key elements of your special event ready to go!