Are you going for a traditional wedding ceremony vibe? Here is a quick rundown of the normal order of events in a wedding ceremony to help you with your planning.

  • The Procession – First, the wedding party makes their way down the aisle, usually to music. Then the bride walks down the aisle, also to music, and traditionally with her father (although this is one of the most frequently modified parts of the ceremony).
  • Discourse – An officiant who is presiding over the ceremony will say a few words. For example, they may greet the wedding guests and speak about marriage in general, then turning attention specifically to the wedding couple.
  • Vows/Rings – It is time to exchange vows and rings before all in attendance.
  • Pronouncement – The officiant pronounces that the couple is now officially married.
  • First Kiss – The couple has their first public kiss as spouses. This is when those in attendance will usually express their approval with applause.
  • First Steps – The music starts back up, and the spouses take their first steps as a married couple. Then the rest of the wedding party exits behind them along with family. Finally, the rest of the guests are dismissed.

The Best Music for Your Wedding Ceremony

With many receptions being delayed, it is more important than ever to focus on the wedding ceremony itself. SGM Events can help to ensure that your wedding music is perfect with our talented bands, soloists, and DJs. To learn more, call 858.270.2195 today, or you can make an inquiry online.