During the pandemic, one of the trends in weddings is to have a cocktail hour with drinks and appetizers instead of a sit-down meal. Whether you plan on doing both or just have finger foods and drinks, here are a few options for your wedding entertainment during the cocktail hour.

  • Soloist – This is the best option for a smaller or quiet gathering. You can have a talented musician playing the piano or a cello while everyone enjoys their drinks and snacks. It also is the least likely option to drown out conversation if this part of the evening is going to be when the main interaction happens between guests.
  • DJ – During the cocktail hour, a DJ will usually play instrumental tracks or easy listening music. This will allow guests to converse without having to yell. Of course, it is all up to your preference, so be sure your DJ knows the type of music you want to have played and the volume you feel is most appropriate.
  • Band – A wedding band puts the music front and center. If you are forgoing a meal and dancing and this is the main entertainment for the evening, you may want to hire a band to spotlight the entertainment for your guests.

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