As much as we would love to consider the pandemic over, it seems like one variant after another continues to mess up our plans. As a result, you want a contingency plan in place for any event, but especially one as important as a wedding. One thing to consider in advance is how you will handle things with your vendors if you have to postpone. Here are a few tips.

  • Keep an up-to-date list of contact information – The last thing you want is to be unable to reach a vendor in an emergency.
  • Contact your vendors immediately when you make the decision – You’re going to want to reschedule, and the sooner you contact your vendors, the more likely they are to be available for your new date.
  • Be prepared to lose some deposits – Some vendors will be more understanding than others -especially since you are protecting their health too – but you may still lose some deposits, especially if you are canceling at the last minute. Be wary of vendors that do try to keep the deposit, because this could fall under force majeure. Make sure your vendor has force majeure in their contracts if you want to be protected.
  • Start with the venue first – The venue will be the most difficult vendor to reschedule unless you don’t mind changing locations. If one of your other vendors can’t meet the new date you set with the venue, they will be easier to replace.

Hire a Wedding Entertainment Agency in San Diego

If you really want to protect yourself, hire your wedding entertainment through SGM Events. If you have to change your date and the artist you requested is unavailable, we have a wide range of entertainers to choose from as a backup. Plus, if your entertainer gets sick at the last minute, we will be able to replace them with a comparable performer. Call 858.270.2195 today, or you can make an inquiry online.