If you’re getting married in the fall, you can incorporate some of these fun wedding ideas for fall. Fall incorporates beautiful colors and a reset vibe. Whatever season your wedding falls in, it can be fun to mix the season in, especially if the weather where you live is a big part of your day (think fall leaves or white winter snow).

Incorporate the vibe. Fall is about harvest and reset, so a rustic boho vibe really sets the stage. Common fall colors are rusts, greens, burgundies, and deep golds. These colors stand out beautifully against a fall backdrop of gold leaves and changing trees, too.

Incorporate the food. 
When thinking about the best wedding ideas for fall, incorporating the foods can be one of the best! Fall and autumn foods include seasonal flavors like pumpkin, caramel, squashes, and comfort foods. You can incorporate this in your appetizers, main course, or even desserts!  (Don’t forget a coffee or hot cocoa tree for the chilly evening!)

Incorporate the sunset. If you’re getting married in the fall, the sun will be setting sooner than a summertime wedding. Depending on when your day will begin, you can incorporate the sunset in your wedding by timing it just right with your ceremony or a special part of your reception.

Set up a warm, cozy outdoor space. Fall will be getting chillier no matter where you live, especially for guests in wedding attire. Setting up a cozy outdoor space with couches, pillows, and extra blankets will really set the scene for the season.

Acoustic Music. Acoustic music is a great option for a fall wedding since the weather is spectacular and the colors are vibrant. Place the musician near a colorful tree or among a beautiful skyline backdrop.

There are so many fun fall wedding ideas to incorporate the season into your special day.

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