Planning a baby shower and want to make it unforgettable? Elevate your celebration with these unique games and activities that will delight your guests and create lasting memories.

Interactive DIY Stations

Set up DIY stations where guests can create personalized gifts for the baby. Ideas include decorating onesies, making baby-themed jewelry, or crafting custom nursery artwork. These hands-on activities not only entertain but also provide meaningful keepsakes for the parents-to-be.

Baby Predictions and Advice

Create a fun activity where guests can write down their predictions for the baby’s arrival date, weight, and other details. Additionally, provide cards where guests can share parenting advice or well wishes for the parents-to-be. This activity not only engages guests but also provides heartfelt messages for the new parents to cherish.

Baby-themed Trivia and Games

Organize baby-themed trivia games or quizzes that test guests’ knowledge of baby-related facts. You can also play games like “Guess the Baby Food Flavor” or “Baby Bingo” to keep guests entertained. Prizes can be awarded to the winners, adding a competitive yet fun element to the shower.

Entertainment for Everyone

Hiring entertainment such as a caricature artist or a live musician can add a special touch to your baby shower. Guests can have their caricatures drawn as a keepsake, or enjoy live music that sets the mood for a joyful celebration. These entertainment options cater to guests of all ages and ensure a memorable experience for everyone.

Capture the Moment

Set up a photo booth with baby-themed props where guests can take photos to commemorate the occasion. This not only provides entertainment but also creates lasting memories for the parents-to-be. Consider hiring a photographer to capture candid moments throughout the shower, ensuring that every special moment is documented.

Make your baby shower truly memorable with these unique games and activities. Contact us at SGM Events to explore how we can help you incorporate entertainment into your baby shower, making it a day to remember for all.