What is more important than the playlist of songs you want to hear on your big day?! The songs you do not want to hear! Your wedding entertainment for the evening can cater to everyone in the crowd and played at just the right time; however, if one of the songs you hate slips through while you’re getting down on the dance floor, you will remember it forever. In this case, we suggest that you make a “Do Not Play List” and be very specific on what songs you and your fiance do not want to hear.

This will avoid those awkward moments or facial expressions on the dance floor as well as keep you in high spirits the entire evening. On the flip side, please take into consideration what your guests will want to hear. Even though it is your wedding and you want to hear all the David Guetta, Ke$ha and Kendrick Lamar you can fit into your open dancing, you may still have some family members that would like to hear some old school jams from when they got married or were young. Don’t be too quick to say “no cheesy disco” when your Aunt Emma was an extra on “Saturday Night Fever.” The music is intended to cater to what you want, but you have to have songs that include more than just you or you will be dancing solo on the dance floor!

If you decide to book a mobile disc jockey with SGM Events we offer a complimentary consultation in our office to discuss the music. We have a wedding music worksheet that our agents can send to get a head start on selecting the proper music for your wedding day! Don’t forget all of the guests’ age demographics in attendance, and most importantly don’t forget to fill out the Do Not Play List section.