There are many things to consider when choosing what type of wedding ceremony music you want for your wedding day. One thing to consider is this is the first tunes your guests will hear at your wedding, so be mindful of the tone you want to set. Another thing to consider is the location of your wedding ceremony (in a church, on the beach, etc.) and you will want to choose music that fits. For example, if you are having a beach themed wedding, Jack Johnson acoustic music always fits well because it has that beach vibe while still being romantic. If you are outdoors in a vineyard, however, you may want to consider some more classical music. Most couples want to have a more classical sound while still being a little more current. We offer numerous acts that you can choose from that can entertain guests at your wedding ceremony and can give insight to which musicians or DJs would be the best fit based on your criteria.

Whatever the theme of the wedding be sure to tell the wedding entertainment or mobile disc jockey what you are looking for so everything can be prepared accordingly. If you book a wedding DJ with SGM Events we prefer to set up a complimentary consultation before any paperwork is signed so you get to chat and discuss some basic music options. If you decide to book an acoustic musician for the wedding ceremony music, well help you determine which musician is the perfect fit for the style you are looking for.

We offer a wedding music worksheet that our agents can send if you book with us so you can get a head start on picking the perfect wedding music for your special wedding day! As always do not be hesitant to contact us to get in touch with our agents and discuss the perfect wedding ceremony music with one of our mobile disc jockeys today!