Do you need to throw a perfect anniversary party but are unsure where to begin? There is always a reason to celebrate the merriment of two perfect souls. Whether celebrating five years or 50 years, love is eternal and more notably their success at staying sane with one another is really something to commemorate. We have some tips and tricks on how to throw the perfect anniversary party, whether it’s for your grandparents, your parents, or your best friends, these tips and tricks will ensure an unforgettable time for both the love birds and their loved ones.

  • Keep it Simple – You can rent out a restaurant or you can have an intimate celebration in one’s backyard. It’s really up to you and the budget you are working with as to how extravagant or simple the party is but just remember; its more about celebrating the couple than throwing a good party. Couples are usually just touched by the thought and will be completely satisfied by celebrating their years together at a small get together with the ones they care about most.
  • The Guest List – Thinking about who to invite to an anniversary party can be stressful, especially if the couples have huge external families, cousins on second cousins and so on, but don’t fret! Invite everyone you feel the couple would enjoy celebrating the day with but it’s important to keep in mind that to many people can make the guests of honor feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable. Be tactful and reasonable when making guest list decisions.
  • Sharing is Caring – The easiest way to make sure everyone feels involved is by having a video montage, of either a collaboration of homemade movies or simply having each person share a memory of the couple. For family members, you can even have the younger children/siblings create a scrapbook for the couple. Having a great slideshow that allows everyone to feel like they contributed is just another step to the perfect anniversary party!
  • The Appropriate Heads Up – Don’t forget that everyone has a busy schedule, including the celebrated couple. It’s important to coordinate with their schedules and allow guests enough time to make the proper arrangements needed in order to make it to the special day. Always send out invites with the appropriate amount of RSVP time. If it’s a small gathering, 3-4 weeks is appropriate, but for a grand party, it’s customary to give guests 1-2 months notice, especially if guests are not local.
  • The Entertainment – As always every party needs entertainment. Depending on the demographics of the guests you may decide to look at many different entertainment options. SGM Events offers mobile disc jockeys, bands for hire and acoustic musicians. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and leave a booking inquiry so you can plan the perfect anniversary party!