One of the most amazing parts of getting married is the honeymoon because the honeymoon truly celebrates man and wife. Yes, of course, weddings are about the couple but in a lot of cases, they care about your friends and family and co-workers, etc., who all want to gather together to honor the start of your new life. After all the chaos of the actual wedding from booking all of the wedding entertainment, caterers and even the wedding venue, this is your chance to relax! While it is true that you tend to only get one wedding in your lifetime, the same is true of your honeymoon so it’s important you pick the right place to spend it and not make it the average honeymoon.

While many think that a honeymoon involves the bride and groom dashing off to some extravagant and exotic vacation, those types of honeymoons don’t fit every couples needs or personality. So if you’re one of those couples that want to steer clear of those common honeymoon factory resorts, here’s a list of more unique options for upcoming newlyweds!

  • Cabin Fever – Spend a romantic week or weekend in a secluded area equipped with spacious cabins, hiking trails, or maybe even a nearby waterfall to explore. You may even consider camping instead and throw up a tent and campfire with your beau. Getting away from all the craziness of your normal life and being able to avoid all those tourist traps other honey mooners are bound to hit, will ensure great alone time to spend with your new partner!
  • Road-Trip – Ever wanted to explore the countryside or go from state to state? Consider doing a road trip to your favorite destinations and stopping along cities to explore on the way. A road-trip is a great alternative from an expensive honeymoon and allows you to stay as local as you wish!
  • Lakehouse Lovin’ – Aside from the beauty in nature, luxurious cabins on the lake can provide the comfort of a hotel set up mixed with the adventures of the great outdoors! Plus, restaurants and bars nearby allow you to go in and out of both worlds.
  • Give Back – Volunteering has become a light trend amongst newlyweds as an alternative to a fancy vacation. Consider building a home through Habitat for Humanity, or helping endangered animals with Biosphere Expeditions. Giving back to the community or another is a new way for couples to celebrate their marriage that is rewarding as opposed to relaxing.

A honeymoon doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Just remember it’s your special time, whether you make it a vacation or a stay-cation don’t make it the average honeymoon.