Congratulations on your bun in the oven! Before you know it the little one will be bigger than you imagined so make sure your baby shower is one for the history books! Before you’re due date, planning a baby shower is a great excuse to have a party with your close friends and family to celebrate before the chaos of becoming a parent begins. Yes, remember to enjoy all the naps and sleep you can now because before you know it, they will be missed. Here are some essential baby shower tips when planning a shower for yourself or a close friend of the family.

  • It’s a “…” – If you’re not looking for a surprise in the delivery room, announce the gender before the party so guests can avoid guessing on which color to choose for those footy pajama outfits. It’s a personal choice, but gender announcements will allow guests to avoid those gender-neutral colors and truly give your party a theme as well!
  • Invites – A great introduction to the theme of the baby shower can be presented in the invitations. This doesn’t necessarily mean another costly expense, but with some creativity in mind, invites can set the tier. Avoid the standard mail-in card; instead, do small gift baskets or boxes including pieces or accents to tie into the shower’s theme. You can save some costs by using Evites instead of standard paper invites which we spoke about in our previous post-Evites vs Paper Invitations.
  • Finger Foods & Cocktails – Providing food at any party is an essential part of planning, but what type of food? Small finger foods such as petit sandwiches, cookies, and fruit skewers are great ways to provide snacks for your guests while you engage in traditional baby games. Mocktails are a new trend, allowing guests to enjoy a non-alcoholic drink with the mom-to-be. Or there’s nothing wrong with providing mimosas, or other light day-time drinks to avoid a dry party!
  • Games, Games, Games! – There are so many baby games to choose from! Pick at least four games that engage all your guests. From “Pregnant Twister”, to “Guess the Baby?” and “Guess Mommy’s Measurements”, make sure to choose games that will be interactive and enjoyable! Here are some more baby shower game ideas!
  • Entertainment – Have you thought of having any musical entertainment at your baby shower? It can be as simple as an acoustic act or a full-on cover band for hire. Want something a bit more modern how about a mobile disc jockey. The possibilities are endless as far as entertainment options and we can help you pick what’s best based on your guests demographic and age group. Contact our booking agency for the best San Diego entertainer recommendations.

Hope these baby shower tips help you to plan the shower you’ve always dreamed of.