When you have to hire corporate entertainment for your boss one of the biggest decisions is what do you want for music? Music has the power to set the mood and is often talked about long after the event has come to an end. There are several different musical entertainment options for hire. We’ve listed the most common ones below to help you decide musically what’s best option to hire corporate entertainment that is simply perfect for your event!

Mobile DJs: A mobile disc jockey is a person who mixes recorded music for an audience. DJs have the versatility to offer nearly limitless variety and flexibility, from classics to current. A mobile DJ can completely customize their playlist so that the client is satisfied with the music playing at the event. Mobile DJs usually don’t have much stage presence with only one member in the group.

DJ/Instrumentalist Combo: Although this type of dynamic duo cannot be found everywhere, they can be found at SGM Events. Whether it’s a DJ playing with a drummer, percussionist, guitarist, steel drums or horn player this pairing makes for not just great, versatile music but also, great entertainment. This is the best of both worlds for any event plus it gives much more stage shock value!

Live Cover Band: A musical band for hire performing live. You can find a live band for any genre; whether you want an acoustic band or a rock band, a live cover band for hire is an excellent option if you are seeking bigger on stage presence.

Guitar players: Usually, this entails musicians for hire – one or two people playing guitars and singing. Guitar players are often acoustic artists but can also be electric guitarists. Guitar players provide the individual musical entertainment element of a live band while a soloist appealing to a more intimate mood or setting.

Pianist: Usually one person playing the piano and singing. Pianists can be used in a variety of genres: classical music, jazz, blues, R&B, and even modern popular music. Whether you want to dance gracefully to the works of classical Mozart or boogie to the rhythm of the blues, a pianist can set almost any mood including corporate event dinners or  company “meetups.”

Brass Players: Whether it’s a trumpet, saxophone or french horn, brass players make a statement at any event. Great for themed events or weddings, these players can bring the noise and are a bold choice of music for any occasion. Players can be paired for horn sections or booked as solo musicians for hire.

String Duo: Two string instrument players, usually a violinist and cellist. A string duo can offer the gorgeous feel of classical music with a lower price than a string quartet.

String Trio: A group of three string instruments, usually two violins and a cello or viola. The string trio usually plays classical music. Much like a live band, a string trio offers live musical entertainment in a classical and elegant setting.

String Quartet: A musical ensemble of four string players, usually comprised of two violin players, a violist, and a cellist. A string quartet commonly performs classical music. While they are more expensive than a trio or duo, a quartet can set a breath-taking mood for any event.