Arguably one of the most important aspects of a wedding is the venue where it will be taking place. Newly engaged couples must take into account many different things when it comes to choosing a venue, but many have no idea where to start or how to choose a venue. We’ve compiled some helpful tips for you to consider while you are working to select the perfect wedding venue.

– Set a budget
Don’t worry about pinning down the exact costs of everything initially, but do come up with a rough budget that you know you’ll need to stay within. This allows you to make sure you can afford both your dream venue and the wedding entertainment you’ve had your eye on.

– Determine size and layout
The venue’s size and capacity is another important aspect to consider. If the capacity is too small, it may create overcrowding; if the capacity is too large, it can seem empty and unwelcoming. You will also want to take into account the layout you would like and how that may affect capacity.

– Visit the venue at the same time of day your wedding will take place
Go back for a second site visit at the same time that your wedding will be taking place. The venue could look completely different in the morning vs. sunset, and you want to make sure you can see what your wedding will really look like.

– Amenities/Restrictions
Find out whether the venue offers amenities such as table and chair rentals, linens, etc. If the venue only offers the empty space for you, you will be responsible for booking all the vendors for your wedding. Some venues do require that you use a specific caterer or other exclusive vendors, or they may charge an additional fee for outside vendors. Make sure to find out about any other restrictions such as a strict end time that may affect your decision.

– Make sure the venue fits the overall vibe you are looking for
Every type of venue offers a different style and feel. A romantic vineyard will have a completely different atmosphere than a tropical resort. Determine how you want your entire wedding to look and feel overall – the venue you choose should be a strong base to build that style.