Ask any married couple and they’ll probably agree: photographs are the most cherished keepsake from a wedding. When the big day is over, the bride and groom can look through their photo album to reminiscence on this life-changing event. Perhaps this is why some professional photographers have begun using drones to snap photos during weddings.

Benefits of Drone Photography

Why are so many couples seeking drone photography for their weddings? Well, drones are able to capture those pivotal moments in a wedding from a perspective that’s not available using traditional photography equipment. By flying 100+ feet from above, they can capture aerial shots of the entire wedding, complete with both wedding parties and all of the guests. They are also capable of taking photos from angles that aren’t available on the ground.

Drone photography is also a fun alternative to standard wedding photographers. Guests young and old will enjoy watching the drone in action. Some of them will smile and wave as it passes, allowing couples to capture new moments of happiness on camera.

Consider the Venue

If you’re hoping to use drones to capture the moment in your wedding, you’ll need to consider the venue. It should go without saying that a camera-mounted drone isn’t going to be of much use for indoor weddings. Sure, the photographer can capture a few photos of the bride and groom as they enter and leave the building, but not much else. On the other hand, if you’re planning to get married at an outdoor venue, such as the beautiful Campbell Creek Ranch, drone photography would certainly prove beneficial.

Legality of Drones for Wedding Photography

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), there were 238 sightings of unmanned aircraft reported by pilots in 2014. As of August 9 of this year, however, the number has increased to 650. Given all of the close calls involving drones and commercial airliners in recent years, you might be wondering whether or not drones are even legal to use in wedding photography.

The FAA currently prohibits the use of drones or other unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes, which wedding photography would fall under. The good news is that the FAA is willing to make exemptions to encourage the safe use of unmarred aircraft. Wedding photographers must apply for a Section 333 Exemption before they can legally operate a drone.

As noted in an article published by Mashable, it’s also recommended that couples get approval from the venue owner or manager to use drones in their weddings. Ultimately, the venue has the final word on whether or not you can use drones. Even if your photographer has received an exemption from the FAA, you must still get the green light from the venue.

Photo credit: Paul Henderson