From scouting prospective venues to negotiating deals with service providers and setting up decorations, a lot of work goes into planning an event. This is why it’s recommended that organizers begin planning at least one month in advance. But what if you’re forced to plan an event with just weeks or even days notice?

Find a Venue First

Your first line of action when planning an event at the last minute is to find a venue. Assuming you already have a date set for the event, spend a day scouting some venues to determine whether or not they are suitable for your needs. If you find one that meets your needs, go ahead and book it. Putting it off and telling yourself “I’ll book it later” could result in someone else reserving that date, at which point you’ll be back at square one.

Video/Audio Equipment

Trying to rent video and audio equipment at the last minute can difficult to say the least. The good news is that many of our mobile DJs can provide this equipment, or you can rent it directly from us. If you are interested in renting audio/video equipment for your event, send us an inquiry here.

Send Digital Invitations

When you’re crunched for time, you won’t have to luxury of sending event invitations in the mail. Instead, a better option is to send invitations via email or social media. Doing so will ensure that guests receive their invitations on time, negating the headaches of traditional “snail mail.”

Send a Reminder

Even if guests have RSVP’d for your event, it’s recommended that you send them a reminder a couple days before the event is scheduled to begin.


Don’t forget to hire entertainment when planning an event at the last minute. Some people assume that all of the good “gigs” will be booked, but this isn’t necessarily true. While certain DJs and musicians may already have a full schedule, you can almost certainly find great entertainment for your event by searching in the right place. Here at SGM Events, for instance, you can connect with dozens of amazingly talented DJs, musicians, and even magicians.

Arrive Early

Event planners and organizers should arrive early on the day of the event to help decorate and set up before guests arrive. If the event is scheduled for 4:00 PM, feel free to show up at noon to prepare. This will allow you to instruct vendors and service providers on where to set up, and you can use this time to hang banners or other decorative items.