Planning a wedding isn’t cheap, but at least you’ll get tons of awesome gifts from family and friends. Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping that guests give you a particular gift, though, you should specify which items you and your fiancé would like to receive by creating a wedding gift registry. Guests may then purchase items directly from this list, reducing the chance of duplicates.

Do: Ask Your Fiancé to Participate

Registering for wedding gifts isn’t a one-person operation; it’s something that both the bride and groom should do together. So the next time you and your fiancé are sitting around the house with nothing to do, hop in the car and head to a local retailer to create a wedding registry. Depending on the store, they should provide you with a barcode-scanning device. Using this device, you and your fiance can them roam the store while scanning products that you’d like to receive as a gift.

Do: Look for Registry Incentives and Bonuses

Many retailers offer special bonuses and incentives for couples who create a wedding gift registry. Macy’s has a receive-this-gift-and-get-another-gift-free deal. If guests purchase at least $500 in Cuisinart products from your wedding registry, for instance, you’ll receive a free set of 3 multi-colored mixing bowls. In addition, Macy’s will send you a 20% coupon that’s good for any remaining items on your wedding registry that weren’t purchased.

Of course, Macy’s isn’t the only retailer that offers incentives for creating a wedding registry. Target, Crate & Barrel, Kohls, and even Amazon.

Do: Inform Guests About Your Wedding Registry

Creating a wedding registry is only useful if guests know about it. So once you and your fiancé have finished registering for gifts, inform your friends and family where it’s located. According to Sue Fox, author of Etiquette for Dummies, couples shouldn’t list their wedding registry in stationary like invitations and save the dates. Instead, let everyone know through word of mouth, social media, and your wedding webpage (assuming you have one).

Do: Ask for Entertainment Services

While you won’t be able to register for wedding entertainment services, you can still ask friends and family for them. This has become an increasingly popular trend in modern-day weddings. The bride and groom may ask their parents to hire a disc jokey or live musician to perform at their wedding instead of asking for a traditional gift. Alternatively, you can ask for

Don’t: Create a Wedding Registry of All-Expensive Items

There’s an unwritten rule of registering for wedding gifts stating that couples should register for both inexpensive and expensive items. Not everyone who attends a wedding will be able to afford a new piece of living room furniture, which is why it’s a good idea to mix up your registry with a variety of items, both expensive and inexpensive.

Don’t: Register for the Same Item at Multiple Stores

There’s nothing wrong with creating wedding gift registries at multiple stores, but you should only register for a gift once. If you and your fiancé would like to receive a new set of kitchen knives, only add them to a single registry. When the same product gets added to multiple registries, it could result in duplicate gifts.

Photo Credit: alvanman